Windows 10 records and uploads PC activity history on Cloud without knowing

Windows 10

Microsoft is once again under hit turbulence in terms of privacy. A new revelation has said that Windows 10 collects data on what the users have been doing on the PC is stored in the Cloud even if the operating system has been told not to upload it. The issue was noticed by a Reddit user and that it is pretty easy to check it for yourself on the Windows 10 PC. The setting can be checked in to Settings > Privacy and by clicking on Activity History on the left hand side bar.

The Activity History records what the users have been doing on the PC with apps, documents and more assuming that the users allow Windows to collect information in these activities by only ticking on the relevant box. There is also a box that says Let Windows sync my activities from this PC to the cloud and this is where things go wrong. Even if the users leave this unchecked , the users don’t want Windows to Sync what they have been doing to the Cloud. The operating system goes ahead and actually does it.

The users can also see a record of their activities online even if the said box is unchecked. It can be done by clicking on the Privacy Dashboard which is on the top right under the know your privacy options. The users might have to log in to the Microsoft account linked to the PC if they are not already signed in. After doing that the users can click on the Activity History tab and they will have a full list of activities. It will show the apps which have been used and the websites that have been visited.

It is recorded in the Cloud even if you have not ticked on the box to allow Microsoft to do so. This means that there is a good difference between storing data on the PC and online.

Photo Credits: PC World

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