Samsung unveils its Notebook 9 Pen laptop


There is less than a month left to the biggest tech show CES which will be held in January 2019. While everyone is excited for the big events for the tech companies as well as the gadget enthusiasts, it seems like Samsung cannot to wait to unveil its new Notebook 9 Pen. The device is available in 13 and 15 inch versions and the Samsung’s 360 degree 2-in-1 has been designed for creative types and as the name says it comes with a stylus which looks and feels similar to the one that comes bundled with the Galaxy Note 9.

While talking about the Notebook 9 Pen, Samsung has said that it has reduced the latency of the stylus considerably but the real upgrade might be the addition of three replaceable nibs that can allow the users to customize the pen tip’s shape and friction to better simulate the feeling of pen on paper. The South Korean giant has said that for 2019 one of its focus is to work more closely with the component vendors like Intel and Nvidia so that the laptopms can come equipped with some of the most up to date specifications.

In terms of the design the Notebook 9 has a color scheme that matches with the Galaxy Note 9 featuring an all-metal body that is covered in shiny blue paint and the pen gets a contrasting yellow finish. At the first glance of the device, it is hard to draw a conclusion, but surely feels good and the specifications of it look competent. Whatever the specifications might be, the final appeal will come on how much it has been priced at.

Unfortunately, Samsung is yet to announce any official pricing or the availability of the device for the Notebook 9 Pen except for the fact that it will go on sale sometime in 2019. Samsung is currently focusing on making sure that its laptops have the most recent specifications.

Photo Credits: The Verge

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