Samsung likely to launch another Galaxy Home smart speaker


South Korean giant Samsung had earlier in August unveiled its Galaxy Home , the smart speaker. The device is yet to go on sale but reports say that Samsung is working on a companion speaker for it. The new device is expected to be a Galaxy Home designed to compete directly with the likes of the Google Home Mini as well as the Amazon Echo Dot.

The news was released after a few reports from the media discovered that Samsung is working on a speaker product with the model number SM – V310. Everyone knows that it comes in black color but that is all the detail that has been revealed so far. Considering that the Samsung Galaxy Home that was seen earlier in 2018 with the model number SM-V510 has a large form factor with eight microphones, directional audio, and high-end AKG tech inside. It is an obvious assumption that Samsung might also try and fit in something that is a little less capable and a little cheaper as well.

So far we do not know how much the main Galaxy Home is going to cost or when it is going to actually go on sale but they might see both the speakers to be launched at the CES 2019 tech expo happening in January, 2019. It is a trend that Samsung always had a strong hold at the event and is the perfect place to show off all the gear arriving over the next 12 months.

Meanwhile, the market is already flooded with the products like Google Home, Echo, Apple Home Pod and the Sonos Speakers, which means that it is not going to be easy for Samsung to get in to the market. This is why may be Samsung has decided to enter the market with not one but two speakers so that it makes a good hold in the already saturated smart speaker market.

Photo Credits: Mashable

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