Google to make a bigger presence at upcoming CES


Search engine giant Google made its first official presence at the massive tech show CES and this year the tech giant is all set to make its presence even bigger. In 2018, Google had set up a three storey Wonka Factory of smart home devices. It was a massive booth set near the Las Vegas Convention Centre and it showed off how its Google Assistant could work on everything from washing machines to miniature train sets.

There was also a huge voice controlled gumball machine that was filled with give away devices. At the entire conference, Google workers in white suits greeted the people at the booths and the company plastered Hey Google on one of the trigger phrases for the Google Assistant on the Las Vegas Monorail. Google had clearly sent out a message that it had finally arrived at the CES after years of lying low. This time it is planning to make a bigger mark at one of the world’s largest tech show which is all set to begin next week.

Before the last year’s CES, Google had allowed its Manufacturing partners including LG and Samsung to grab all the attention, but now the search engine is using the tech show to flaunt its software and hardware. The reason behind this is that the tech show has become important staging ground for the tech giants as it pushes the devices to the consumers. The RBC Capital markets last month said that in the next three years , Google’s hardware division including the Google Home smart speakers, Chromecast streaming devices and Nest thermostats can hit a revenue of $20 billion.

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google says that the company is going all out on artificial intelligence and is focusing on its Google Assistant which is a digital helper akin to Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. While the market is still young, Google hopes that it can attract people to its platform before they get locked in to the Alexa ecosystem.

Photo Credits: CNET

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