Google Assistant gets several new features announced at CES 2019

Google Assistant

Search engine giant Google has made another big presence at the CES 2019. The Google Assistant is the one that the search engine is concentrating and enhancing at the tech show. The company has announced many features of the Google Assistant and also showed off noteworthy devices that the company says will be using the voice assistant. One of the new features is the Interpreter Mode of Google Assistant and the fresh integration in the Google Maps Apps on iOS and Android.

The company showed a few devices like the Smart Clock from Lenovo and a bunch of car accessories from Anker and JBL that will include the Google Assistant. The Interpreter Mode feature focuses at helping the consumers to communicate in several languages and will be available on the Google Home devices and Smart Displays which are Assistant-Powered. So the idea is to make Google Assistant to be their personal interpreter and will provide real-time spoken on Google Home or written on smart displays translations to help the users and the other person understand what each of them are saying.

The search engine has earlier tried a similar auto translation feature on its Pixel Buds. Moreover, Google has also revealed about its intentions on rolling in the Assistant in to Google Maps on Android and iOS devices. The Android users already have the Assistant on their devices and is going to be a bigger deal for the iOS users. The Assistant on Maps will allow the consumers to share the ETA with family and friends, play music, reply to text messages, search for places and add a new stop in navigation.

The search engine is trying hard to make the Assistant a dominant platform and has launched a preview of its new Google Assistant Connect platform. It will allow the device manufacturers to integrate the Assistant in their products with ease. The Google Assistant since a long time has worked for the Pixel users on their lock screens. Soon all the Android users as well will be able to do the same. The search engine will be rolling out the lock screen support on Google Assistant in the next few weeks for all the Android users.

Photo Credits: CNET

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