Sonos processing new smart speakers


The Federation Communications Commission (FCC) has revealed about a new filing which is about a new Sonos product. The document has shown that a new model number S18 smart speaker as satellites for the soundbars to make a surround sound system and will also include built-in microphones for far-field voice control. If what the FCC filing suggests is true, this can be an interesting move for Sonos and could be probably true.

The device was first reported by Variety and the filing refers to the new configuration of Sonos Speakers where the Playbar is the master device. The new S18 models are wireless smart speakers which can be used as left and right channels . The filing has also indicated that the new speakers were tested with the Sonos Playbar, which is the company’s original soundbar from 2013 but does not have smart speaker capabilities.

The upcoming speakers will also reportedly have touch controls that will appear to be virtually identical to those which are currently found on the Sonos Beam smart soundbar and the Sonos One smart devices. Based on those testing details it can be assumed that the new speakers will be a new way to add the smart speaker functionality to the not-smart Sonos Playbar. The filing has also said that the new Sonos will include Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi Fi connectivity. The detail of the Bluetooth will be a notable change of the Sonos tradition of sticking to the Wi Fi only connections and avoiding Bluetooth.

This was essential as the users were complaining about the lack of Bluetooth on the Sonos speakers for years. There are more chances that Bluetooth support on the new speakers has been designed to help with the set up process and not to stream music. Based on the incomplete details it is tough to say what Sonos is actually doing. There is no idea on how much the actual speakers cost.

Photo Credits: BGR

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