Apple’s AirPower charging pad production begins


The AirPower device from Apple has been in talks since Apple had teased it in 2017. Apple’s AirPower charging Pad is one of the most awaited devices that can charge the iPhone, iWatch and the Airpods at the same time wirelessly. With so many teasers and reports of it being launched any time soon, a reliable source has now informed that the production of the AirPower has started.

The AirPower is a mat that can accommodate multiple types of Apple products and can be charged wirelessly at once. Another year has passed after the company had first hinted about the wireless charger in 2017. The delay on the part of Apple had forced the gadget enthusiasts to predict that the company might have dropped the idea of bringing out such a product. But now it seems like the production of the device has started.

Reports came from a Tweet that claimed that Apple had asked its supplier LuxPrecision to start manufacturing the AirPower charging mat. The company LuxPrecision is already associated with the production of USB Type C cables and AirPods for the company and the new report is convincing enough that the production might have begun. People who like to own multiple Apple devices might soon be treated with a wireless charging device that can charge multiple devices at the same time.

However, the recent report has not indicated about when the device will be launched. Considering the lengthy time the company has taken, it seems like the wireless charger will be available in 2019. There are possibilities that the AirPower will support the Qi standard as it can be the best candidate to facilitate multi-device charging on a single mat. There is no news on the price of the wireless charger but reports say that the AirPower could cost around US$200 whenever it is finally launched. The new device is expected to bring a huge change in the charging accessories industry.

Photo Credits: Engadget

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