Twitter to have a dark mode soon

dark mode

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites. The social network is all set to have a darker version. The change will be made after a complaint by a user who said that the dark theme of Twitter is not really back and has more of a blue-ish tone. CEO Jack Dorsey has assured that it will be fixed. The change is small, but the dark mode settings for apps have become increasingly popular as it is also a good means of conserving battery life on some of the high end devices.

It also makes the apps that we use often for long times easier on the eyes. Twitter users showed more interest in the dark themes and has been become more popular steadily since it first debuted in mid-2016. It was known as the Night mode. There are a number of apps that now support dark themes and include Google, YouTube, Reddit, Wikipedia, Medium, Pocket, Instapaper, iBooks, Google Maps, Kindle, Wazem, Opera Mini and many others.

There are also reports that the upcoming version of the Android OS will have a system-wide dark mode setting that the users wanted to have for many years. The topic was also discussed at The Wall Street Journal which made a case for dark modes for becoming a standard setting across all the apps as well as devices. But is not just easy to use but also has battery benefits specifically on the OLED screens. It will also help in device addiction and improve sleep.

In simple words, having a decent dark mode is now no longer a aesthetic choice, but is an option that comes with real life benefits. For many of the users the dark mode is now their default. The dark mode on Twitter is on the lighter version but in fact on the blue black shade. People who are already on Twitter and are addicted to browsing the timeline, a dark mode will improve their use of the app.

Photo Credits: Digital Trends

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