Apple might introduce laser-assisted cameras for iPhones in 2020


Apple is trying its best to keep up its position in the smartphone market. After giving out discounts for the buyers, the company is now trying to introduce new technologies in its upcoming devices that might woo new customers and its existing customer base. The company is planning to improvise on the photography point and this might also result in adding a third camera. Apple is reportedly developing a 3D camera system that makes use of a laser camera that can capture the depth information at distances greater than the dot projection system used in Face ID on the current iPhones.

The main focus is the augmented reality as it would help to gauge the dimensions but it would also help with the portrait mode pictures that at present have to rely on the software to detect foreground objects. Apple reportedly has been in talks with Sony about the testing sensors. If the reports are true then Apple can introduce laser-assisted iPhones as soon as in 2020. Apple had intensions to deliver the upgrade in 2019, but it was delayed due to unknown reasons.

For now the users might have to settle with other upgrades. Apart from a third camera, the users might also be treated with an improved Face ID sensor along with a switch from Lightening ports to USB-C. There are more expectations in terms of the upgrades. More reports have revealed that Apple is also planning updated versions of the regular iPad and the aging iPad Mini for a release in 2019.

Apart from that, the iOS 13 is likely to address some of the longstanding requests. There are talks that the system might have a Mojave-style dark mode which is ideal for OLED screens on most of the newer iPhones. There might also be new home screen for iPads, improved file management and multiple instances of a single app. With the above reports, it seems like the company is surely going to have a busy future.

Photo Credits: Engadget

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