Samsung accidentally leaks Galaxy Fold in Vietnamese advertisement

Galaxy Fold

The Galaxy Unpacked is all set to take place on February 20, 2019 while the MWC will be following soon after and will see all kinds of new things that Samsung has planned for the future. The future gadgets by Samsung include the Galaxy S10 and the much awaited foldable Galaxy Fold and both of them feature in the advertisement of Samsung Vietnam that was accidentally posted a little too early.

The advertisement was just a brief glimpse of the Galaxy Fold but is a much better look at the phone that it was seen when Samsung had first announced the device in 2018. The device was seen in darkness but has given an enough idea that the bulky case is gone and is designed to keep the phone’s design hidden. If this is the proper glimpse of what is about to come then it means that it has a much thinner figure.

However, the video did not focus on the foldable device but had focused more on Samsung’s vision for the future including outdoor AR gaming, remote tattooing (presumably a 5G thing) and more. The Vietnamese ad had two phrases that said, “new standards we created today” and “so you can start creating it tomorrow”. Meanwhile, the fans of Samsung will have to wait until the Galaxy Unpacked and the much awaited tech show MWC at the end of the month and the gadget enthusiasts will come to know more about the South Korean giant’s ambitions in near future.

There are hopes that sole solid details will be revealed about the Galaxy Fold. Samsung is these days struggling to keep its name alive in the smartphone market as it has been challenged a number of times from the other smartphone companies, which have constantly unveiled new devices with new technologies at cheaper prices. The upcoming foldable device is expected to bring a new change in the reputation of the company in the market.

Photo Credits: T3

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