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Sony PlayStation 4, why are they not launching the next gaming machine?

Gadget Herald: One of the most relevant questions to hit someone’s thoughts is, why is Sony taking forever to launch the PlayStation 4 gaming machine? In an interview recently with Sony Computer Entertainment and Group CEO Kazuo Hirai, he said, the company will not go ahead to reveal the PlayStation 4 gaming machine, as the PS3 device already has a ten year life cycle, and it is doing quite well in the market.

If one does the maths, the PS3 is likely to stay around in the market for the next 10 years, i.e somewhere around 2016. Hirai stated, rather than concentrating on the PS4, the company has been working on the PlayStation phone or Xperia Play and NGP hand held gaming device.

To stress out even further, experts state the PS4 may in fact never make it to the market because the entire concept of a gaming machine would be quite outdated by then. And as a matter of fact the company has done great progress in developing smaller devices, so the question about the next generation gaming machine is off the slate.

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