New Kindle 2019 by Amazon does not meet expectations


E-commerce giant Amazon is the one that has dominated the e-readers segment. Whenever someone thinks of buying an e-reader, most of us think about the Amazon Kindle. However, the competition still exists and the truth is that the most recent entry-level device from the company seems like a poor bargain. The price of the new device might be low but the budget reader has failed to meet the expectations.

At present the most current and basic device in the e-paper Kindle Lineup, the good old Kindle as opposed to the Kindle Voyage, Kindle Paperwhite, etc, has in the 2019 iteration gained a couple of features. It includes an adjustable frontlight that illuminates the E-Ink screen and also has an improved touchscreen with a refreshed hardware design. At $110 or $90, if the users allow ads on the device, it is among the cheaper devices in the market that falls below the $150 Paperwhite and $270 Oasis.

The e-reader runs on the familiar Kindle OS and it surely seamlessly connects to the Amazon account, similar to what other devices do in its lineup. In general, it is more or less the same or even similar to others in the same formats, storage and access features. The only part that is disappointing here is the screen. In recent times, the consumers have experienced a significant improvement in the quality of the e-reader displays both in terms of resolution as well as lighting.

For instance, the Kobo Clara HD at $130 had an inferior quality build but a bright screen and color temperature adjustable frontlight, makes it worth it. The All new Kindle has a 6 inch screen with a pixel density of 167 PPI while the Clara HD has the twice with 300 PPI. It surely makes a huge difference as to how the text looks. The letters look much crisper and more regular.

Photo Credits: CNet

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