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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is already facing issues


With reference to many of the posts that the owners of the Galaxy S10 5G have made on the internet, the handset is facing connectivity issues when it switches from 5G to LTE. For now the phone does not have an issue connecting to the 5G networks but when the users move away from 5G they need to connect to LTE, the data service is turned off and they lose a connection to the internet. And to make things even more worse, the smartphone does not get back its connection until the users try to reboot the device many times.

The new Galaxy S10 5G is the fourth handset in the company’s Galaxy S10 line up. The South Korean giant has earlier released a budget friendly Galaxy S10e along with the standard Galaxy S10. The Galaxy S10 Plus has been the highest-end model until the company launched the Galaxy S10 5G. For now the S10 5G is only available in Korea and the company is expected to begin the pre-orders on the Galaxy S10 5G in the US this month and launch it on May 16 to the network of Verizon. The device will be launched as a short term exclusive.

The much awaited device is expected to be launched in other US carriers later in 2019. So far it is still unclear to what is causing the problems in Korea. Samsung has explained that it has delivered all of the software that is required for the phone to know to switch seamlessly from one network to another. The Korean carriers SK Telecom and LG U+ have clarified that they have systematically updated its 5G base stations with the appropriate software and have so far not heard of any complaint.

One of the unidentified carrier in Korea says that the problem might be due to some sort of break down in the telecommunications equipment that is not allowing for seamless transition from one technology to another.

Photo Credits: Mashable

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