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Samsung Galaxy Fold devices pre-orders likely to be cancelled due to poor reviews


While the gadget lovers are waiting for Samsung’s much awaited foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold, but now it seems like the pre-orders of the device might get cancelled. The South Korean giant had opened pre-orders of the Samsung Galaxy Fold for $1,980 and soon the company had to close the registrations of the device as they were sold out.

Soon several faults and failures started surfacing in the review devices of the Fold that were seeded to the media and the influencers. This has called for a recall of the lot and has also delayed the launch of the device indefinitely. One of the reviews of the phone also mentioned that the Galaxy Fold was ‘alarmingly fragile’ and soon Samsung pulled the report down. It has been more than a week since the phone was expected to be launched, but the company has still not provided any update on either the handset or the ship date.

This has also meant that the pre-orders of the Fold are on a shaky ground. The regulations placed by the FTC has mentioned that a company has to ship its devices within or either the time that is stated or if it has not stated a time with within 30 days. And if the regulations are not followed then the company has to seek permission from the customer to delay or cancel the pre-order.

In case of Samsung it means that the company has to ship or gain consent to the delay by May 31, 2019 to retain the order. In order to save its name, Samsung has written to its customers while asking them to reaffirm their purchases. If the customers do so before the May 31, 2019 deadline then it will keep the order open until they are able to ship the troubled device. The email to its customers has also mentioned that it has no progress on the updates on the redesign or any estimation of a revised ship date.

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