ASUS introduces UX and Eee PC X101 at Computex 2011

Gadget Herald: Multinational computer manufacturer, ASUS, has unveiled its two much awaited ultra-thin laptops – the ASUS UX and the Eee PC X101 – at the Computex 2011 in Taiwan.

What makes the laptop so special is that the 11 inch UX of the ASUS has a unique aluminum metal body. The company said that the inspiration for the polished aluminum finish of the laptop, was taken from some of the luxury time pieces. The thickest part of the laptop is just 17mm thick and has a unique feature of instant on resume and SSD hard drives.

The company has said that the UX name has been given to the laptop for the different laptops over the years. The UX is different from the other laptops due to its Intel Core i5 and i7 CPUs.

At the Computex, the system that was displayed had an Intel Core i5-2557M, a full voltage chip. However, it cannot be said if which version of the even more powerful one i7 will be offered to the consumers. Along with the UX, the Eee PC Netbook was also introduced. The Eee PC X101 will run the Intel’s MeeGo Operating system, which is similar to Linux. The Eee will also run Windows 7 and has a 10.7 inch display.

The cost of the X101 is likely to be $200, while the UX will be priced a bit lesser than the MacBook Air.

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