Top 5 free apps for your HP TouchPad

Gadget Herald: HP’s TouchPad is one of the latest tablets to make it’s way in the tablet market in direct conception with the Apple iPad, RIM Playbook and the Motorola Xoom. But one thing that most users will be searching for is what apps are compatible with the TouchPad. Not sure which are the best ones that you need to have on your 9.7 inch screen tab? We have just the top 5 free apps for you.

1. Angry Birds HD – The app is available free for users and is quite smooth and permits the user to play the game in full screen. For Angry Birds addicts, you could opt for the Angry Birds Rio HD, which comes at $1.99.

2. Facebook – The Facebook app has a 2-pane interface which helps you to keep a tab of your messages, wall posts, friends and photos.

3. Amazon Kindle – What a better way to sync your Kindle library than with a Amazon Kindle app. You can hunt for text or mark pages seamlessly if your TouchPad has this application.

4. TuneIn Radio – For music lovers who need to have live streaming on their tablets, the TuneIn Radio app is a perfect fit. It saves all the radio streams in your area and presents and arranges it in the app.

5. WeatherBug – If you are a traveler, or just a person who loves the outdoors, then the Free WeatherBug app is just what your TouchPad needs. It gives you details on forecasts, wind speed as well as radar images. Pretty cool and it’s absolutely free.

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