Places where Amazon Echo should not be placed

Amazon Echo

Smart speaker, Amazon Echo is a device that also provides information on where to set it up. While the device is mobile, one needs to take care not to place it just anywhere you like. It actually matters where the users of the smart speaker place their device. If certain things are not considered, then there are chances that the users might compromise their privacy or could even lead to a damage to the Echo. Here are a few places where you should not keep your Amazon Echo.

1. On the wash basin – The Amazon Echo is surely expensive so it is better to keep it away from sources of water. You can place it on a base that does not have any water or is away from any moisture.

2. Near the washroom – Washroom is a place where germs flourish, despite the fact that you maintain cleanliness. Still if you want to have it in the washroom, place it away from the toilet seat. If you are mounting it on the wall, make sure that it is secure.

3. By the window – Keeping the Echo by the window is risky as it gives outsiders an access to the device. For Instance, if the car is connected to the smart speaker, an outsider might be able to open it and even start it.

4. Under the TV – There are many commercials that say “Alexa…Play..”, this could interrupt your ongoing show and even if the TV says anything, the speaker activates and processes.

Places where the Amazon Echo can be placed –

1. Corner of the living room
2. Bedside table
3. A place, from where the user can easily watch it.
4. Edge of the kitchen counter
5. A shelf
6. It can also be mounted on the wall (but always make sure that it is securely hanged on the wall or it might not be able to sustain a fall)

Photo Credits: The WallStreet journal

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