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Samsung launches its second foldable phone Galaxy Z Flip


South Korean giant Samsung has launched its much awaited foldable phone known as the Galaxy Z Flip. The company launched the new phone along with a series of new 5G smartphones during an event in San Francisco, California. The new Galaxy Z Flip will go on sale from February 14, 2020 and its price will begin from $1,380.

When the Z Flip is opened, it looks like any other smartphone in the market and when it is closed it reduces to about half or it and takes the shape of a square. The Galaxy Z Flip is the second foldable phone from Samsung after its had launched the Galaxy Fold earlier this year. The Fold device had hit many roadblocks at the beginning as it had many defects as a smartphone and did not keep up with the expectations.

The earlier foldable smartphone by Samsung had a different design and had folded from the middle and opened to make a small-sized tablet. The tech observers had found various defects and this led to a delay in the production. Later there were reports that the screens of some of the Fold devices had begun to break. Talking about the Z Flip, the company has said that it is made of a glass-like material while the Fold had a plastic screen.

When the Z Flip phone is closed, the users of the phone will still be able to see the time and take selfies and will also be notified about the messages. The device can be used in different positions to watch videos and take pictures. It is not just Samsung but many other companies are working on or have already launched their respective foldable devices. Foldable devices is like a new trend in the smartphone industry and is expected to attract the future buyers. But the only catch now is the pricing as they are highly priced.

Photo Credits: Samsung Newsroom

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