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Samsung Galaxy S20 sales in an all time low


The Samsung Galaxy S 20 is the latest smartphone line up by the South Korean giant. The smartphones were launched in its home country South Korea on February 27, 2020 and the earlier reports in terms of the sales of the smartphone are a little disappointing. You might come to a conclusion that the smartphone might not be up to the mark. The fact is that the drop in the sales of the device is not in control of Samsung.

Some of the local media reports have informed that the sales of the Galaxy S20 sales are about 50 percent down on the first day when compared to the sales of the Galaxy S10 a year back. The sales are down despite the fact that it has the most competitive camera. South Korea is currently dealing with the ongoing coronavirus outbreak on a large scale. The effects of the deadly virus has put a major impact on the sales.

Surprisingly, Soouth Korea has the second highest number of confirmed cases after China. Reports say that 256 new cases have been reported recently and the total number of infected people has gone up to 2,000. Looking at the ongoing crisis, the Samsung Group has said that it would donate $24.6 million towards the efforts of the government in dealing with the virus. Due to the epidemic, very few people are visiting the retail stores due to fear of infection. This was one of the major reasons of a downfall in sales on the first day compared to the first day of launch in 2019.

Samsung sold about 220,000 units of the Note 10 line up on the first day and there could have been a similar response if the coronavirus epidemic was not there. But there are chances that the sales of the Galaxy S20 could pick up in near future as the effect of the virus goes down.

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