Apple launches new updates for iPhone for better parental controls


The iOS operating system has received a new update from Apple on December 11, 2019. The fresh update helps to give the parents a new set of tools that can help with their child’s addiction to the iPhone. Apple has released the iOS 13.3 and for the first time parents will be able to have power in their hands so they can set limits over who their children are talking to and who they can text within only certain hours of the day. The limits can be applied through the phone calls, text and also FaceTime.

With the help of the new update, the parents can also apply new set of limitations on calls as well as messaging during the permitted screen time that the child is spending on and their downtime hours. The screen time of Apple can also be limited through Settings. The users of iPhone can set the limits which are based on their contacts. During the downtime, the users will have the option to be contacted by everyone or only by the designated contacts. Parents can also control as to who can contact their children and when and vice versa.

Limitations can be set as to who the child can call or message like only Mom and Dad. This also means that the children can be prevented to text their friends during late hours or during school time. This can only happen during the designated Downtime – which does not mean only night time as it can be set according to the parent’s needs.

The new update will also allow the parents to make changes in the child’s iCloud contacts remotely so they can easily share important numbers with their child. The parents become full in control of the contacts. Here the parents can also set a time when their child cannot use their iPhone at all. The update has been introduced after a few users gave their feedback on parental controls.

Photo Credits: iDownloadblog

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