iPhone and iPad app updates are being reissued


Many of the iPhone and iPad users have noticed that many of their applications are in need of unexpected updates. But this is not a cause of concern as Apple is reissuing some of the app updates for reason that is still not known. With the reissue of updates, many of the users will have to reinstall the latest version of some of the applications.

Reports say that the number of applications with unexpected updated ranged from less than 20 to about a hundred and the updates that was required was back in the beginning of the month. However, different users might have different experiences and it will depend on how many application the users have and how frequently they are updated. It is still not clear as to why such updates are being reissued and it could also be a bug which could make the applications inaccessible with an error message that informs the users saying “This app is no longer shared with you”.

But rest assured, the users can get back the app working without losing its settings and by offloading the data by going to Settings> General> iPhone storage and then reinstall the application again. So far it is not known as to why such an error that says “ This app is no longer shared with you” pops up everytime, but reports say that it is due to some authentication or certification issue.

There are possibilities that reissuance of the app updates could fix the bug and it is just a theory. No matter what the problem, is the good thing is that it is not breaking any app functionality. Without having the need to know what the reason is, it is wise to just update the applications and move on. This might be one of the ways by Apple to camouflage its bugs and fix it before anyone notices. Nothing has been made official about it.

Photo Credits:   The Verge

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