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Tips to improve battery life of Apple Watch

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The Apple Watch is one of the most popular wearable devices in the market and is loved by many. A number of people might just face a few issues with the battery. But if you want the battery life to last for the whole day you could apply a few tricks to make it happen. Here are a few tips that can be done to make the Apple Watch battery last for a full day.

1. Reduce the brightness – Apple Watch has a small OLED panel with some great tech. Every pixel generates its own light. You can just switch off the pixels and reduce the brightness of the device.

2. Disable always-on display – The Apple Watch Series 5 and the next versions have the always-on display feature. This will allow the users to see the time without having the need to tap on the screen. You need to disable the always-on feature that will consume less energy.

3. Reduce the notifications – Notifications on the Watch drains the battery life. Eliminate the apps from notifications list that you think is not essential.

4. Avoid taking calls or using walkie talkie – The Walkie Talkie functionality consumes a lot of battery. On an average a five minute call is not going to make a big difference but something longer than that could affect.

5. During workouts use power saving mode – The Watch is known for monitoring the heart rate feature. But not many use that feature and to save the battery life you can disable the heart rate monitor.

6. Disable background refresh – The number of applications going on at the background does affect the battery life. You just need to disable the automatic downloads in the settings.

7. Disable other features as well – You could disable the hands-free feature Hey Siri. Even enabling the Silent, Theatre, Do Not Disturb modes will also reduce the power consumption.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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