Google Photos ends its unlimited free storage on June 1

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As announced earlier, Google Photos is taking back its facility of providing unlimited free storage for high quality or compressed images from June 1, 2021. However, the fresh limitations depends on how the users make use of the Google Photos setup. There are indeed possibilities to switch to the alternative service. People who completely depend on this service need not to worry about it. All the high quality videos or photos that have been uploaded before June 1, 2021 will not be counted towards the free Google Photos Storage.

This means that they would still get 15 GB of free storage with their Google Account. People who own a Pixel phone would continue to get free Google Photos storage for a variety of file types but that will again depend on the model that they own. There is also a warning for people who would be using Google Photos Back up and Sync feature to back up the photos from smartphone. Before that it done, the users need to check the set up before they hit the new limit for free storage.

Right now it is too late to accumulate the photos and videos from an old storage space. People who might have tried doing that before June 1, 2021 that data will not be counted towards the Google account storage. But still it does not seems to be a great idea to cramp the account with photos to make sure that the 15 GB limit is not hit soon. But now there is a tool that will help the users to take out all the blurry pictures that have been taken by mistake and are occupying unnecessary space.

This section will also show the user how much space is left and it will also give an idea of how long it would last and will be based on the recent backups.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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