Apple to ease mask-wearing policy for vaccinated customers


A number of companies and business set ups are encouraging people to get themselves administered with the coronavirus vaccine. In recent times it has been noticed that a number of companies are offering freebies and discounts for people who are getting their jab. US based tech giant Apple has taken a similar initiative to encourage people to get their jab. Customers of Apple who get their COVID-19 vaccine would be able to walk in free without any restrictions for face masks.

Beginning this week, Apple will be allowing people who get vaccinated to enter the stores without wearing a mask. The tech giant is expected to relax the rule of wearing a mask for vaccinated customers starting from June 14, 2021. However, the employees are not allowed to ask the customers about the proof of their vaccination. But the employees will still need to wear masks while inside the store. A memo was issued for the employees which has mentioned that Apple is expected to ease its restrictions on physical distancing measures.

The company is also expected to ease its mask wearing mandate at some of the offices based in California. The memo that was sent to the employees has mentioned that progress is being made in terms of the COVID-19 in the US. It was added that a number of sites are progressing towards the next phase of resumption. In the phase 3 protocol, Apple will be updating to permit optional masks for the individuals who have been vaccinated. Under this phase, even the physical distancing requirements will be relaxed under this phase.

Not just Apple but a number of other companies have also made amendments in their mask wearing policy including Publix, Costco, Walmart and Sam’s Club. It has been reported that the US has so far vaccinated more than 45 percent of its population. Companies across the globe are encouraging people to get vaccinated against the virus that can contribute towards eradicating the virus completely.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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