Twitter testing an official soft block feature


Micro blogging site Twitter is getting ready to introduce its new set of privacy tools. For the implementation, the company has also started testing the proposed suite. The feature includes the ability of the user to remove a follower without blocking that person. It is currently being tested on the web to canonize the concept of ‘soft block’ as an official tool on Twitter.

The company in an announcement of the test mentioned that they can remove the followers from the list of followers on the profile page. The users need to click on the three dot menu next to the name of the follower and click on ‘Remove Follower’ option. By Doing this, your Tweets will no longer be seen on the timeline of that person. This would certainly be a better option than blocking a person that prevents them from viewing your Tweets. Blocking also prevents the person from direct messaging you. The new remove follower option is a gentle and a remote unfollow button that would create a distance between the users in the best possible way.

Earlier if you want a person to unfollow you without their knowledge, you would have the option of ‘soft block’. The followers who have been removed will have to refollow you so they can see your Tweets on their timeline. On the other hand if you have any protected tweets, also known as private tweets which can only be viewed by the followers, they will have to get your approval to become a follower again.

The feature is being tested to make it an official twitter feature that could be beneficial for the users in terms of privacy. It could also help to improve the user experience. If things work out then that would mean to have a better control over who can see your Tweets. Meanwhile the company is also considering the ‘Close Friends’ option which is similar to that seen on Instagram.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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