Twitter ready to comply with data on fake accounts for Elon Musk


The high profile transaction by Elon Musk to buy Twitter was put on hold after the Tesla owner questioned about the number of fake accounts on the platform. But now it seems like Twitter is now ready to address the demands placed by Musk for data on the fake accounts. The move has been taken after The Tesla chief had threatened to give up on the idea of buying the business if they did not comply. Twitter now seems to be ready to give Elon Musk an access to the stream of data that has more than 500 million tweets that is posted everyday.

Many data companies pay to get access to such data that provides real-time record of Tweets, information about the accounts that Tweet and the devices that are used by the users to Tweet. As per a recent report, Musk would be allowed to view the ‘firehose’ of everyday traffic as it could save the company from a potential legal suit. A warning was sent out by Musk for Twitter on June 6, 2022 that  he might walk out of the $44bn deal to acquire the company if Twitter did not provide the data on fake and spam accounts that he is looking for.

Elon had earlier expressed his doubts over Twitter’s claims that  the spam and fake accounts on the platform represent less than 5 percent of its 229 million user base. The lawyers representing Elon Musk, in a letter addressed to Twitter’s chief legal officer, said that the company is actively resisting and Thwarting Musk’s rights to have access on the data and information from the company as per the agreement.

They had also said that refusing to present the information was a material breach of the deal agreement that could also force Musk to walk away from the deal. Meanwhile, Carl Tobias, Williams chair in law  at the University of Richmond expressed that revealing the data might not leave Musk satisfied due to the scale of the information that he will have to go through.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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