Apple plans to launch 15 inch MacBook Air in 2023

Cupertino based tech giant Apple is looking forward to provide more hardware options for its users. The iPhone maker is now developing a bigger 15 inch MacBook Air which could be launched by 2023. Hints about the upcoming hardware were noticed in its quarterly report. Not everyone is having the access to the full report, but it can be access by people from the display industry and are having a subscription. Ross Young, a display analyst has provided some idea about what people can expect.

For those who are curious, Apple is working on a new MacBook Air that could measure around 15 inches and could be launched by the side of the already existing 13 inch MacBook Air. Young has added that the bigger 15 inch MacBook Air has been slated to be launched in 2023 but a specific launch date is yet to be revealed. However, people who keep a track with Apple might have noticed that this is not the first time that speculations have circulated about a 15 inch MacBook Air. Marck Gurman from Bloomberg had in 2021 said that the company is working on a bigger MacBook Air that will have a 15 inch display.

Gurman had at that time claimed that Apple is considering to build a bigger MacBook Air, but has not yet decided if they would go ahead with the idea for the upcoming generation. He had then not mentioned of the idea was completely dropped by the company but now it seems like the project related to a larger laptop might be under process and has not been abandoned completely.

More hints came from the internal Apple emails when the Epic Games Vs Apple trial was going on. This year the company is expected to reveal a redesigned version of the MacBook Air that is expected to come with new color options and will not have the tapered design.

Photo Credits: Cnet

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