Facebook implements voice messaging – VoIP calling in pipeline

Voice capabilities over devices like Apple and Android systems are not a very new concept. The latest company to activate voice messaging over the internet is social networking site Facebook. Facebook issued an update to its messenger app for iOS and Android, bringing in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to help users make audio recordings on December 3, 2012.

Facebook messenger users can now record and send a voice message (for up to one minute) to other users, instead of sending a plain text. This is quite a simple function to use. Press the record button and speak into your phone’s microphone and when done just release the button and send the voice message to the desired person.

In addition to this function, there are volume controls that show if the levels of the audio recording is too low or is clipping (too loud). This is a really fancy feature that Facebook has brought on to the messenger platform. The internet giant has one of the most used social networking websites and this update will definitely give their users something to cheer about.

Facebook is also working on true VoIP calling through the messenger app, which will probably roll out within the next few weeks. With Skype and other voice messenger services doing really well, Facebook has played a card which just may pull public opinion and business in their favor. If all goes well then they plan to release the app in Europe too, according to reports.

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