Google Glass in danger of coming under text-driving laws

Google Glass has been taking the world by storm, but young drivers who are looking forward to being able to use this technology on the road are in for an unpleasant surprise. A Republican member of the West Virginia legislature – Greg Howell – has managed to introduce a bill that catches Google Glass in the ‘texting while driving’ laws.

According to Howell, younger drivers are tech-savvy and are the most willing to try new things on the road. These drivers also lack skill and experience and are involved in a majority of accidents. Accidents caused due to drivers sending text messages while driving their vehicles, have caused the introduction of laws to ban the activity while behind the wheel. Around 16,141 deaths have been caused due to drivers texting while driving during the years between 2002 and 2007.

There are those who side with technology like Google Glass as well. Many believe that this technology will actually help people drive safer by putting information such as GPS data in a convenient area. This will mean that people will not have to look away from the road while driving. There is also the possibility that Glass could be developed for safe driving by running off voice commands alone.



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