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Facebook phone’s European launch delayed

The new Facebook phone was supposed to be launched in Europe, but its launch has now been delayed. The delay comes after the disappointing sales in the US and negative feedback. The Facebook phone is a HTC device, that runs on the social network’s enhanced Home software and is designed to be more integrated into the smartphone than a normal application.


The delay has been confirmed by the UK mobile operator EE, saying that the European launch has been stalled due to the poor customer feedback. This news also comes after some high-profile employee departures from the mobile phone manufacturer HTC. Kouji Koudera, chief product officer, Lennard Hoornik, Asian chief executive and the firm’s director of global communications Jason Gordon have left the company in recent months. Moreover, five other senior officials have also left the company.

Signs of discontent have also been visible when Eric Lin, an ex-HTC product strategy manager tweeted, “To all my friends still at @HTC – just quit. Leave now. It’s tough to do, but you’ll be so much happier, I swear.” HTC was once considered to be one of the top players in the industry, but in recent times the smartphone maker’s market share has fallen sharply.

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