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Xbox One price leaked on Amazon Germany and UK

The price of Xbox One in Germany has been leaked. There is a possibility that Amazon Germany might have accidentally released the price of the device, as it has been listed on the site as 599 euros, or around £510. This might be the confirmation of the next-generation console’s cost.


The price revealed is also very high, compared to what the previous generation of consoles were priced when first launched. In perspective, the Xbox 360 cost £209 in basic form, the PS3 was £425. This is also not the first time the online shopping giant has leaked product pricing on its website.

However, in many cases it turned out to be an error, rather than the confirmation of cost. Most people are expecting the Xbox One to cost around £400 at launch. Amazon also usually sets the price of its pre-orders high, so that it is able to inform buyers of a price drop closer to the release, as it simply looks better.

While keeping in mind the specifications of PS4 and Xbox One, they will not be particularly cheap. However, Sony and Microsoft pursue an aggressive pricing strategy and both consoles are due to be launched by the end of 2013.

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