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Halo 5 available for free on Xbox one this weekend

Halo 5

Halo 5 is one of the popular games by Microsoft Studios since its release. If you are one of those looking for something new to play over the weekend and you are in no mood to spend any money, then the Halo 5: Guardians is the game that is now available completely for free. The gamers can start playing now and is running through the end of this weekend.

The game is now free on the Xbox One as a part of the Free Play Days of Microsoft, a promotion that will see the games drop to the low price of $0.00 for periods of time usually on weekends. However, there is a catch as the gamers need to have the Xbox Live Gold to avail the offer. To make the deal even more lucrative, Halo 5 is offering the double XP for the duration of the free play weekend, while the fun-time playlists including Castle Wars and Holiday Fiesta are in rotation.

The Holiday Fiesta Playlist focuses to celebrate the holidays and features the snow-themed variants of the Halo 5 arena maps. On the other hand Castle Wars is a large-scale capture-the-flag mode that supports 16 players. It has to be noticed that the Halo 5 continues to have an active player population which means that the new gamers will not have any difficulty to find multi-player matches. The Halo 5 is free with the Xbox Game Pass that further helps to reach even more players.

The next in line for the Halo game is the Halo Infinite that is in development with the Xbox One and PC. So far not enough information has been divulged by the company but the Halo boss Frank O’Connor recently spoke about how the multi-player function of the game is tons of fun for the ones who enjoy only a multi-player game.

Photo Credits: Game Rant

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