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Xbox One mouse and keyboard teased by Razer

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Xbox One lovers might soon be treated with the first official wireless mouse and keyboard. The devices are under works and Razer is the one testing what the two products would look like and when more details of the device will be let out. The full reveal image of the devices were released in November 2018 but had gone unnoticed.

The company is now prominently advertising the devices as it promotes their announcements and coincides with the first day of CES on January 8, 2018. For almost 6 months the gaming enthusiasts have known that Razer has joined hands with Microsoft on the mouse and keyboard support for the Xbox One. It could also have major implications for the future titles. The Xbox One users have been asking for the mouse and keyboard since a long time. The console was launched in November 2013 and the feature arrived just a month back.

The reason, Microsoft had refrained from launching such accessories for a long time was due to the fear that the precise movements of the mouse might give the players an unfair advantage. It is still not know how Microsoft decided to change its mind and went ahead with the plans for the supported mouse and keyboard. The reason might be that Halo Infinite is coming to Windows 10 gaming PCs and the Xbox One consoles and will offer cross platform keyboard and mouse multi-players.

However, people who are curious to know about the cost will have to wait till January but a few details can be seen in the official reveal. The Xbox One button on the bottom right of the keyboard and the slide out mouse might be meant to stay balanced on the lap while playing. This time there is a full PC gaming mouse instead of a small one and the keyboard might also feature the color-changing chroma back-lit keys. The color changing feature was earlier out in a previous report.

Photo Credits: Windows Central

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