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Xbox One users to remain on free video on calling

In some good news for the Xbox One users software giant Microsoft has announced that the Skype Video calling will be free for the Xbox Live Gold subscribers on the console. During the launch of the console in 2013, there was some confusion that the offer was reduced to just six months. But now it has been announced that the feature of multiple video chat will remain free on the console.


Skype in a statement said that it is proud since the beginning as they communicate easily and free of cost, no matter where they are. It helps to keep in touch with the remote friends members or calling home when travelling to chatting daily with the close circle of friends. Skype added that it is known for one to one video calling and that it is essential to connect with the group of people who matter the most whether friends, colleagues or family.

The latest news is promising especially for the Xbox One users who do not have the luxury of UNO and Xbox LIVE Vision cam to see more than one person with the discussion as per the Xbox 360 users. For the ones who are yet to purchase an Xbox One , Skype uses the new Kinect camera to send the Skype video calls in full 1080 HD Resolution.

Photo Credits: Just Push Start

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