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Xbox One launch date and pricing unveiled

US-based software giant Microsoft is all set to launch its Xbox One in November, 2013. The device will be priced at $499 for the US market and the date of release and price of it was revealed by the company at its annual E3 press conference. Apart from the date and pricing, the company has also revealed the number of exclusive games for the next generation device.


The new Xbox One was revealed at an event three weeks back and this event focused on its TV-viewing capabilities. The device has also stirred a little bit of controversy when reports surfaced that used games could work on a new console. However, the company did not address such reports during the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles on June 10, 2013.

The company was fully focusing on games, as it showed off a number of new exclusives currently in development for the console. There will also be a new shooter available, which is being created by Victoria B.C.-based Black Tusk, which is a Microsoft-owned studio.

Apart from that, there were also games like Titanfall, which is a multiplayer shooter where the players are able to control big robotic mech suits from Respawn, the former developers of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

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