Facebook launches new update to iOS devices

Social networking giant Facebook said that it is all set to release new updates which will help to bridge the differences between two versions of the site: the desktop and mobile. With this in mind, Facebook released its next version 6.6 to the iOS devices, which will allow users to browse the mobile version of the site as easy as they do the desktop one.


Earlier, there was something that was missing from the mobile version and that was the ability to add images in the comments, a feature which is known as photo comments. After the latest update for the iOS, users will be allowed to add pictures to their comments in statuses. An additional feature is that Facebook users can now edit the text which they have already published, without the need to delete their comment.

Earlier, users had to delete the comment and repost it, if there was any typo or they simply wanted to change their comment. The comments and statuses which are edited will now be visible in the edit history. Moreover, users who have selected English as their language can send emoticons and icons to their friends on their timelines with their iOS devices.

When it comes to terms of privacy changes, users can edit and review changes from their devices through a small lock, which will be visible to the user’s name in the navigation menu.

Photo Credits: Glancing Web

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