The Apple iPad 2 and iPhone 5 May Have Dual Core Processors

Gadget Herald: The latest rumour on the block says the next iPad 2 or iPhone 5 by Apple will feature dual core processor for better performance. The latest A4 GPU is supposedly going to be a dual core processor, which should enhance the graphics output of this device. But there are Apple Insider sources that are providing news similar to this rumour.

To get more precise with the facts, the dual core processor which everyone is speaking about is none other than the SGX543 created by Imagination Technologies. The next rumour in line says the iPad2 will have a better resolution screen compared to the current iPad.

When compared the SGX543, it is similar to the ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, which is a very powerful tablet and notebook processor. If the upcoming iPad features the SGX543 it will surely handle HD video recording and playing. On the other hand the iPhone 5 too is going to be a multi core processor device, but not much has been spoken about it.

Source: CNN

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