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Google debuts mini games for Google Glass

Search engine giant Google has introduced a line of mini-games for users of Google Glass. The new series of games enables users to use their heads as racquets in order to play a round of virtual tennis or slice various shapes like a karate master.

glass games

A new video was posted by the company on YouTube which shows how users of the device can play games with Google Glass. The new clip is also encouraging developers to come up with new games for the latest gadget from Google. The mini-games on the device are using voice recognition software and sensors of Google Glass, so gamers can fire with their voices or tilt their head back in order to maintain balance.

The company in a blog post said, “Each game is visually simple and straightforward to play”. The post went on to say that they wanted games to be quick, for situations when users have only a few minutes to play and to be easy for them to get out when they want to get the attention back to reality.

The games – which are demonstrated in the video – are Clay Shooter, Balance, Tennis, Matcher and Shape Splitter. Glass Explorers can access their Glass dashboards through the web or the MyGlass app in order to try the mini games.

Photo Credits: Geeky Gadgets

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