Bluetooth ring Nod to replace mouse

In recent times, touch-based surfaces are becoming increasingly present in the way we control our devices. With this in mind, Nod Labs has unveiled an interesting device, which is a control that does have any surface at all. The company launched Nod on April 29, 2014, which is a Bluetooth device that enables gesture control and allows users to communicate with other devices without the need to reach or touch them.


It has been reported that Nod is a plain black ring which can be worn all day on the finger and is also waterproof, which means that users do not have to take it off. The ring-shaped device is a bit chunky and can be worn on whichever finger feels most comfortable, though the majority of people will most likely wear it on their index fingers. It has a touch panel and two tactile buttons which give physical options in addition to the gesture-based controls.

The device is connected through Bluetooth and enables users to move the cursor around the screen by simply moving their hand. The cursor moves with a few jerks, but it looks relatively easy to control. The device is designed to ignore the shake of the hand so when the hand is not moving, the cursor remains stationary.

Nod is available for pre-sale for $149 from April 29, 2014 and it will begin shipping during the fall 2014.

Photo Credits: Static world

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