Tell Facebook what you’re listening to and watching

Facebook is all set to get a new pair of eyes and ears with its latest mobile app feature.

Social networking giant Facebook is all set to introduce a new feature on its mobile application. The most exciting bit of this new feature is that it will ‘listen’ to the users music and  TV shows.

The creation of this new feature has stemmed from the fact that at least five billion  Facebook status updates are about TV shows and music. This new feature will be a new an improved way for users to share their TV show and music preferences.

How will this new feature work?

For the ones not so well versed with technology – this novel feature aims to use the microphones embedded inside a user’s smartphone to detect any sort of music or TV Shows.

Step 2- once the app detects the audio signals and locates a match in its database, the user has the option of sharing  information about whatever they are listening to on their profile. A little animated icon will pop up next to the status bar to enable users to do this.

Facebook said in a statement “If you share music, your friends can see a 30-second preview of the song. For TV shows, the story in News Feed will highlight the specific season and episode you’re watching,”

The new feature is all set to make its first appearance in a few weeks time. Though Facebook has assured users that the feature is optional, and the audio recording will not be stored in any manner, many are bogged down by security and privacy concerns that the feature entails.






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