Verizon iPhone 4 Will Not Be Able to Make Calls outside America

Gadget Herald: The latest offering by Verizon the iPhone 4, which is scheduled to launch in the month of February has a major drawback, users will not be able to make calls outside America. If one is thinking that the Verizon’s Apple device will actually help them in making calls outside the nation, in Europe or any other parts of the world, then this is just not going to happen.

As Verizon is using a technology called the CDMA, it is a direct rival to the GSM technology, which is prominent almost everywhere in the world, this concludes that Verizon won’t be able make calls outside the country, but shockingly AT&T’s iPhones do.

Now what can a person travelling with a Verizon iPhone 4 do, if he is outside the US, well he won’t be able to make calls back home, but he can only find a Wi-Fi hotspot and use a VoIP service like Skype to make calls. The worst part is even using data and the web on the iPhone while internationally roaming is not cheap at all, so can this affect the sales of the upcoming device.

Source: BH

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