Windows 10 not to be free for pirates

Upcoming Windows 10 is not going to be a free upgrade for the software pirates unless the users have a pirated copy with the PC. Microsoft is back with its unique piracy policy and it wants as many people to pay for Windows.

Widows 10 pirates

On this the software giant wrote a warning blog last week which said that people running pirated Windows 7 or 8 devices will get attractive upgrade offers and such offers might be paid. However, if they are getting from the PC maker then there are chances that they get so subsidised that it could even be free.

If the user is in the US then there are chances that they might not be familiar with the PCs which are actually sold with the pirated Windows, but in other countries it tends to happen all the time. This has hinted that this time Microsoft might not be so aggressive with the Windows 10 pirates but can be stuck with an desktop watermark which marks them as pirates.

This has meant that nothing actually has changed and the PC makers pay for Windows and here billions of dollars are being discussed. It has become essential for Microsoft to to run Windows 10 so as to avoid the long split between Windows XP and 7.

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