Apple TV Sales To Cross 1 Million This Week, Says Apple Inc.

Gadget Herald: Apple Inc. has announced that it will be crossing the 1 million sales mark for its Apple TV device some time this week, and reports state that this feat in itself is quite exceptional. Steve Jobs’ Apple reportedly made this announcement because the ‘Roku Box’ is set to cross its 1 millionth mark in a week or two.

Roku has been in the market for a really long time and it has been performing well, but not as good as the Apple TV. Apple TV was launched this year, and within a span of just a few months, the product has sold like hot cakes and has reached the 1 millionth milestone faster than Roku.

Google, on the other hand, is struggling in the market and complaints state that there is a huge problem in the software of the device, so the company has delayed plans to launch TV’s that run the Google TV software. As it has been seen before, Apple is not bothered where Roku is going nor does it care what milestones it has achieved; but it is worried about Google, who seems to have a dominating presence in whatever it announces.

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