Mark Zukerberg unveils secret yellow version of Facebook

Entrepreneur Mark Zukerberg has unveiled a secret ‘yellow’ version of the Facebook. The CEO in the Live Facebook video, showed off its new streaming features and also showed off a secret version of the app that the company uses to test the new features.
The biggest of the features is the new overhauled interface for posting on the site. ON a normal app, the users have to click on the top of the app to add an update and then has the options pop out. But Zukerberg’s version is much larger and allows people to post new forms of the media.
The features includes easy posting of gifs and music. These features are supported by the site but has never allowed people to easily share. These can also be representatives of other larger changes to the service like music streaming service which is long-rumoured on the social network.
The new secret version is known as the ‘yellow’ version and even the icon has a different color to mark it out from the normal Facebook app. The new interface appears to be built to encourage people to share more about themselves. Some of its features have already rolled out in some or other way to the users.

Photo Credits: lovelace-media

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