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ZTE to launch Iceberg smartphone with dual notches and glass edges


China based phone manufacturer ZTE, is known for making smartphones and has never been behind I terms of experimenting. A few times, the research work by ZTE proves to be a success but that is not the case every time. The company showed off its controversial notch design with an ambitious looking smartphone known as the ZTE Iceberg.

Going by the looks of the new smartphone, it looks like a promising Android device with two notches with a glass adornment at the chassis. However, this is not the first time a company has introduced notches on smartphones. The notches have earlier been seen on the iPhone X and the Essential Phone and now the concept is spreading everywhere.

The new ZTE Iceberg has a top and a bottom notch and has also become one of the most bezel-less design ever seen on a smartphone. The device also has speakers mounted on each cut-out which delivers an impressive stereo sound. Apart from the notches, ZTE has also added an unusual use of glass and has described it as, “a seamless glass connection technique to combine two pieces of glass as one unibody, which makes the phone resemble a fragment of ice. The four corners of the phone are transparent to reveal the essential beauty of the glass material.”

The latest era of smartphones have been the usage of metal unibodies, but this one has glass unibodies which looks different. The glass can be seen extending from the top corners and giving it an interesting look. Along with a few new technologies, ZTE has continued with the fingerprint reader and dual camera set up which can be found on the rear of the handset. The good news is that the device comes with wireless charging technology. ZTE has not yet revealed the specifications but is expected to be launched after 2018 in the regions like Asia, North America and Europe.

Photo Credits: Android Central

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