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ZTE Axon V has selfie camera outside main body of phone


Chinese telecommunications equipment giant ZTE has been known for making consumer friendly and pocket friendly smartphones which are shipped across the globe. As the company is ready to launch its upcoming smartphone Axon V, the Chinese smartphone maker is putting a selfie camera outside the main body of the phone. The ZTE Axon V has not been announced officially, but its unique design was posted on the iF Design World Guide website which is an organization that presents award for design.

However, it is not clear if the iF Design World Guide organization is awarding ZTE with an award but a leading daily has asked the organization for a confirmation but so far no details have been revealed. The organization has said that the Axon V’s protruding selfie camera allows for a full display without any interruptions from the notch-style solution used by Apple and various other Android phone makers. Even the hole-punch design has been used by Samsung. It has also mentioned about the advantages like leaving more space for a bigger battery.

The iPhone XS has a notch while the Samsung Galaxy S10 has a hole-punch display but it cannot be said what to call the protruding selfie camera on the ZTE Axon V. The new camera placing by ZTE in its upcoming device has become one of the novel ideas in the upcoming line-up of smartphones that the smartphone enthusiasts are always looking for. Such innovative designs have always attracted smartphone buyers. The notch design was first popularized by the iPhone X.

Talking about ZTE, reports say that it has another smartphone design in working that has avoided the notch style and has been named as the Axon S. The phone slides horizontally and reveals a selfie cam and main rear cameras. The phone was also featured at the iF Design World Guide Website. Foldable devices are the next big thing that the smartphone market is waiting for.

Photo Credits: Android Authority

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