Logitech launches G305 gaming mouse at budget price


Swiss personal computer and accessories provider Logitech has earlier introduced an impressive line-up of gaming mice with its G series. But all of them are highly priced and hardly affordable by the common gamers. However, the company has now come up with a solution and has introduced its new G305 wireless mouse.

The new G305 has many features from the top end models but in a pocket friendly price. With a lower price it can be understood that there can be a few concessions. But still the G305 makes a promising mouse with the popular features of Logitech. The G305 is priced at $59.99 which is reasonably less than the G703 and G903 which are priced at $99.99 and $149.99 respectively. The G305 has the LIGHTSPEED technology of Logitech which helps to cut back on latency and most of the PC gamers will not be able to notice a difference between this and a wired mouse.

It is the LIGHTSPEED technology which makes the G703 and G903 promising and convinces the users to ditch the wired mouse. Moreover, the Powerplay mouse mat which is compatible with the G703 and G903 provides the devices with adequate charge with no charging required. But the bad news is that the G305 is not compatible with the Powerplay mat and has to be powered with a single AA battery. The G305 also has 400 IPS 12,000 DPI HERO sensor and can last up to 250 hours of constant game play with a single battery. The device can also be switched to endurance mode with the Logitech gaming software to have a better battery life of up to nine months.

So the G305 might not have all the features of the G703 and G903 but is surely value for money for a gamer when compared to the other high end devices under the G series.

Photo Credits: The Verge

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