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Pokemon Go to get new update for friends and trading

Pokemon Go

American software development Niantic has announced that it will roll out a new update for the Pokemon Go players. The new update is one of the biggest updates and will include features that many of the players were anticipating since the Pokemon GO was launched in 2016. This includes trading and a friends list.

Niantic has said that friendship in Pokemon Go comes with a special bonus. The new feature will allow the gamers to exchange six-letter personalized Trainer Codes so that they can add each other to their friend lists. After the friend request has been accepted the trainers can check their friend’s statistics on the main profile screen including about their most recent game activity.

And from there, the gamers will have the option to send each other gifts online. The items to be sent and received as gifts can be found at PokeStops or gyms but can only be used for sharing with friends. The best part is that the gift items are things which are useful and includes the exclusive Pokemon Eggs which is a new yellow egg that requires the players to walk at least seven kilometers to hatch. After the egg is hatched, the gamer can receive an exclusive Egg-only Alolan form of the classic Pokemon.

The above features are important but the most important feature is the Friends feature known as the Friendship Level. After the players become friends they begin as acquaintances. It depends on their frequency of interaction which helps to take their Friendship Level higher. There are four tiers in the feature including the Good Friend, Great Friend Ultra Friend and Best Friend and each have been granted additional bonuses. Talking about Trading on Pokemon Go, the players will not be able to exchange Pokemon online but have to be physically near each other to initiate the trade. Moreover, they must also have reached the level 10 in the game to get access to the feature.

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