Logitech to launch first wireless charger Powered Wireless Charging Stand


Computer peripherals manufacturer Logitech is now venturing in to the wireless market with its new Powered Wireless Charging Stand which is ready to be launched later in August, 2018 for $69.99. Logitech has said that it has designed the Powered Wireless Charging Stand with Apple. The end result seems like the wireless charger should have been released with the iPhone X last fall.

People who got to have their hands on the wireless charger have reviewed that it is one of the good chargers in the market. The entire package is sturdy and made of grippy plastic which can hold the device tight and does not slide out even when the device begins to vibrate. The Powered Wireless Charging Stand has the perfect angle for using the quick glances to unlock as well as view notifications on the iPhone X with FaceID.

The stand has been build cleverly so that the users can charge the device both vertically and horizontally, so you can use the charger while watching a movie or a TV show. In any case, the Logitech Charger gives a feel that it has been specifically designed for the latest iPhones of Apple or the little smaller versions. Technically speaking, it can charge any Qi-compatible device. But all the other details like, the Apple –white color scheme, notches, perfect machine grooves that feel designed for Apple devices, slower 7.5W wireless fast charging standard and a premium price tag might make you look elsewhere if you are not an iPhone user.

With the price tag of $69.99, there are many chargers which use either USB-C or the microUSB cables and you need not have to worry about breaking or losing the faster charging speeds at a cheaper price. But if you are a gadget enthusiast and are looking for a good charger, then spending a little extra on the Powered Wireless Charging Stand is worth a buy.

Photo Credits: PC Mag

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