Logitech launches vertical mouse for effortless usage


Mouse related injuries are fairly common among the heavy users. There might also be a chance that you might be holding the mouse in a wrong way or you are just gripping it too hard. If you are one of those who are experiencing arm pain or wrist pain regularly it is time to take a look at the ergonomic mice. This is a space where Logitech has been exploring and researching for a long time. The MX Ergo has brought back the trackball for the modern era. However, Logitech is now stepping in to a new territory with its first vertical mouse.

The new MX Vertical looks like a very modern version mouse that is flipped to the side while it sits on a melted puddle of wax. The device looks unusual but it surely has a purpose. As the hand approaches it, the fingers rest on the top buttons in a natural way and the arm straightens out so the mouse does not put the entire pressure on the wrist. The company has called the 57 degree angle of the MX vertical as a natural handshake and the holding of the device is almost effortless.

As it steps out of the comfort zone of the user’s habits, it might take a little time for the new users to get used to it. Moreover, the pointer zips around the screen with ease like it does with other devices. The device has the ability to perform all the productivity work including scrolling through the documents, browsing through the web pages, sifting through the emails, all without any efforts.

There is more for the gamers as the MC Vertical is good for the slow strategy games like the Civilization VI, but it could be a little too slow to move around for the fast pace shooters. The device can be pre-ordered for $100 on Logitech’s website and will be available in stores by September 2018.

Photo Credits: Mac Rumors

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